If you have plans to start a business, you may have concerns about whether that business will succeed. Even necessary businesses like gas stations can fail if not started properly. Before you start your business, call Speed Data. We will provide you with a gas station feasibility study so you can build confidently.

What Our Study Includes

When you choose our services, you’ll receive a thorough report to help you feel confident about your business proposition. We look at several things as we compile our study:

  • Location: As we review the business plan, we look at the proposed location and how much traffic the area sees. We look at nearby gas stations that could affect business or how much business that station receives and whether another gas station could thrive.
  • Market: Depending on the current market for fuel, a gas station may thrive or fail.
  • Sales: A gas station usually needs to sell more than just fuel to earn a decent profit. We look at other items you plan to sell and how much you will gain in profit.
  • Costs: A gas station requires a lot of money to survive. We compare the estimated profits with the estimated costs in a three-year projection to determine how the business will fare.

You can review all the information and make an informed decision about whether to start your business. This report also gives you the information you need to secure funding. You can use this report to get loans or even partner with fuel companies before you begin building.

Who We Are

We have over 20 years of experience working with business feasibility studies, and we can help you get accurate predictions for the future of a business. And you’ll receive your report within two weeks, so you don’t have to wait to make a decision.

Contact us today to find out more.